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Why Another Hummingbird Store?

Hummingbirds feeding at a First Nature 3051 feeder

We've experienced a love of nature for years and continue to develop our landscape and nature preserve. And we remain committed to the preservation of our natural environment.

Through years (decades) of experience enjoying nature, we've purchased dozens of feeders, books, bird houses, and supplies, some of which we love, some of which we would never purchase again.

We know there are thousands of places to purchase hummingbird feeders, books, supplies and gifts.

But we have included a few items on this page that we have had positive personal experiences with ... you might too!

A Few of Our Favorite Hummingbird Feeders and Supplies

We use about ten feeders, of varying sizes and shapes. While some are "singles" others have four feeding stations/flowers and hold 8 oz. of nectar solution.

Our favorite feeders host from 8-10 hummers at one time, and hold from 32-48 oz. We use a variety of vertical feeders, and horizontal feeders to give the hummers a choice of feeding stations.

Some feeders are acrylic, and some glass. The plastic ones are lighter and not subject to breakage, but may contain BPA. However, many prefer glass hummingbird feeders and their long-term durability as opposed to plastic (which can warp, fade and crack over time). And sometimes glass is easier to clean than plastic.

Whatever feeder you prefer, make sure that it has adequate red color to be visible to the hummingbird from a distance. And don't use red colored nectar ... it is not necessary and potentially dangerous to hummingbirds.

We like the First Nature 3051 and 3055 products (below) ... they are inexpensive, durable, easy to clean due to their large neck, and have no yellow "flowers" which tend to attract bees.

These hummingbird products are from Amazon, but you can find many of them at other online stores and "brick and mortar" outlets.

Most Popular Hummingbird Feeders in 2019

Books for the Nature Enthusiast

Our personal nature bookshelf ... part of our collection that we use regularly

Nature enthusiasts have access to a wide-range of excellent books on a variety of topics.

Books on the market today vary in technical detail, geographic coverage, age and audience orientation.

Our personal library covers a range of nature subjects, including hummingbirds, butterflies, North American birding, wildflowers, ferns, bird feeders/houses, and gardening.

We sorted through our bookshelves for some of our favorite hummingbird books, and have included them in our Hummingbird Store below. Maybe they would be right for your library!


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